Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Secret Acne Cure-Simple Step By Step Methods To Eliminate Acne

The Secret Acne Cure

This was my first program I tried.

When I was looking for a cure for my acne, I din't want to get sucked in by any hype about knowing some "secret" only the author had.
But on closer examination, the author is pretty up front about this "secret" which is hormonal balancing and how to achieve it through his proven natural methods to cure acne.

I liked that it was priced reasonably at $29.97 on sale with a 60 day guarantee. I was able to download and access it immediately, which was great.
If your like me, I hate to wait 2 to 4 weeks for something to arrive in the mail after I paid.

The Secret Acne Cure guide was definitely worth the price. It was easy to follow and thorough.
This guide is geared toward helping even the worst sufferers of acne.

But, the core of this guide is the insights and easy step by step methods of how to naturally manipulate your body's hormones to it's proper levels. This helps you to heal from within out. I started to see some good results after my first 2 week with concerted effort.

Customer support was way too slow on this one. It took them 4 days for a reply. They did attempt to answer a question I had on chapter 5, although it was less than satisfactory.

Overall, it's a good product cause it does what it claims to do.

Here is my verdict on this one:

Price/Value - 4/5 Stars
Quality - 3/5 Stars
Effectiveness - 3/5 Stars
Ease of Use - 3/5
Support - 2/5

Read more and get the full details on The Secret Acne Cure here.

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